Laptop and piano

Jonathan Pitkin - Tools & Software


This Max/MSP patch is a software emulation of Andrew McPherson's Magnetic Resonator Piano (MRP), an electronically-augmented acoustic piano which makes possible the precise dynamic shaping of notes, as well as special effects such as harmonics and pitch bends. SoftMRP is intended to allow performers to practise MRP repertoire when they are away from the instrument itself, using widely-available MIDI equipment.


In order to open and run SoftMRP, you will need to have Max/MSP installed on your computer (version 7.3.6 or above). You don't have to buy a Max license - you can use the free, trial version of the software. (This allows you to run and edit patches, but not to save them. You can, however, save your configuration settings within SoftMRP.) Max is available for Mac or Windows, and SoftMRP should work fine on either.