Event: 'Playing Up'

30/4/14: Misbehaving musical instruments at the Science Museum
April 30th saw the first fruits of an ongoing project exploring the idea of 'misbehaving' musical instruments - instruments which respond in unexpected ways when performers attempt to play them, almost as if they had minds of their own. Visitors to a music-themed 'Lates with Mastercard' event at the Science Museum, London, were given the opportunity to try out a digital piano which presented them with a variety of challenges, and at times may even have seemed to have its own ideas about the music it wanted to play.
This was the first public glimpse of Max/MSP programming by Jonathan Pitkin which is intended ultimately to lead to the creation of a new concert-hall composition for misbehaving piano and flute, as well as giving rise to further interactive installations and potential research collaborations investigating areas such as expectation, feedback and adaptability in musical perception and performance.